Fukuno and Katoh Schools Visiting This Month!

Two different exchange groups from our sister schools in Japan will be visiting us in the coming weeks – Fukano School from Nanto City, and Katoh School from Numazu-city.

Fukuno Elementary, Nanto-city, Toyama prefecture 

We will first welcome Fukuno School to Mt. Tabor from October 24 – November 2. Fukuno Elementary is a public elementary school serving first through sixth grade. Richmond 5th graders visit Nanto every June and in return, Mt. Tabor Middle School hosts Fukuno 8th grade students from three Nanto junior high schools in late October. Former school administrator, Mr. Toru Saino, first came to Portland in 1989. Over the years, his connection with Portland made way for the cultural exchange between Richmond and Fukuno. Oya No Kai is grateful to its friend, Mr. Saino, who continues to coordinate this cultural exchange some 14 years later.

Fukuno School webpage: https://www.tym.ed.jp/sc230/

Katoh School, Numazu-city, Shizuoka prefecture

Then we are welcoming Katoh School to Richmond October 27 – November 2. Katoh School is a private K-12 school and the first school in Japan to offer English immersion. In 1992, Katoh staff contacted Portland Public Schools to request a tour of Richmond and to discuss its model program. In 1993, Richmond Principal Rene Ito-Staub and Japanese Resource teacher Deanne Balzer visited Katoh School and forged a lasting relationship between the two schools. The following year, Katoh School began sending teachers to Richmond to study the Japanese Immersion Program’s model. Today, students from Katoh school visit Portland every October, staying with host families from Richmond and the city of Beaverton, Oregon. In exchange, Richmond 5th graders are hosted by Katoh families in the summer.

School webpage: https://www.katoh-net.ac.jp/Elementary/
English website: https://www.bi-lingual.com/school/INFO/aboutus.html




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