The ONK directory is a great resource that provides you with easy access to contact information for your student’s friends and their parents for playdates, family activities, birthday parties, and more. It also allows ONK to communicate important JDLI program information to you on a regular basis. However, to access the directory and to receive occasional email updates from ONK, you have to register and log in.


Visit, enter your e-mail address, and the system will tell you whether or not you are already are in our database. If you are not in the database, simply register and add your student and family information. All information in the directory is confidential, and you can choose what information you want to share with others.

Oya No Kai is waiving the $30 Annual Family Membership Fee for the 2021-22 school year. Your free membership entitles you to cast a vote at general meetings.


Login to to search the directory, update your information and pay your annual membership dues.  You can also search the directory on this page in the search bar below when you are logged in.


Please email if you need assistance!

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